The blog is alive!

Well, hello there! 

Do you know what time it is?

It's cuddle time!

(Yes, I know it looks like the kitty cat is suffering a bit, but he crawled up on my lap on his own and stayed there)

It's nice to have Sinus in the house again. I've missed this little hairy man so much! 

I'm sorry about my absent blogging lately. I'll get a grip and start again soon. I have so much to show you from our trips in the states still! I've also had some adventures in Norway, like visiting Karl Yngve's parents in Ålesund. I also got to meet our new nephew, Jon, for the first time. He was born in February, and is such a cute little boy! He and his mum, Stine, are settling in in their new apartment, which looked just superb in every way! My friend Ingrid had joined me for the road trip, and our road went on from Ålesund to our friends Lars and Hanne in Volda. They have been catsitters for Sinus while Karl and I have been in the states. We had an ok trip north to Trondheim again. Sinus puked only once. Unfortunately it happened on Ingrid's new magazine, which featured an article about the clothing line "Sølv"...sorry!

I am also looking forward to attending a wedding in Modum this weekend, and another wedding in Trondheim the weekend after that. I can report that I am enjoying my new job af Holanger Fysikalske in Trondheim. I'm learning a lot, and I am slightly less confused every work day. 

I hope my friends all over the world are doing good! 

Hugs from Helene and Sinus

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28.06.2012 kl.06:25

Aaaw saa kosli! Bra d tydligvis e godt aa vaer heim, sjol on junaiten va spanande! :) Martus :)

Petter Hesselberg

01.07.2012 kl.23:47

Sinus har jeg møtt i helga, men du var savnet.


05.07.2012 kl.22:32

Sinus <3 Han må jeg få hilse på snart.

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