Pinup Parade in Disneyland!

Yesterday we could finally go to the long-expected Pinup Parade in Disneyland! The lovely ladies behind Pinup Girl Clothing arranged a day in the park for their fans, and I had been looking forward to this for a very long time! 

So, to set the mood for this post, I've added a youtube video. It's mostly for the music, so if you want, you can skip the start and go right to the song at 1:17! I've heard this song so many times times in my life, but I never realized that it's written for the Tiki room in Disneyland! 


Micheline and co had prepared a nice program for the day. Karl and I was lazy as usual on a sunday morning, and didn't get there until the meetup at the castle at 2 pm. But that's ok. We got to experience a lot of fun with the PUG crew anyway! 

So, for the meetups Micheline read us questions about Disneyland, and we were supposed to answer. The ones who knew the answers got a nice PUG t-shirt. I didn't know a lot of the answers, but I learned a couple of new things: Cats are actually very welcome in Disneyland, because they chase away rodents and other unwanted creatures, and the most popular dessert dish in Disneyland is ice cream, curiously enough. I was convinced it was churros. Well, it does make sense, though, since it's pretty hot in SoCal! 

Hmm...let's see...what should be the next question? 

Photo time! 

Wow, so many lovely PUG fans in one place! I love it!

Strike a pose everyone! 

After the group photo session I met beautiful pin up girl Angelique Noir. She's one of PUG's models, and i just loved her outfit! 

After the castle session we moved on to the tea cups. And I must say that I had so much fun walking around in Disneyland surrounded by all dolled up gorgeous pinups! 

Especially these two, Micheline Pitt and Doris Mayday! Such nice girls! And don't you just love Micheline's red top? I think I might have to get one of those myself. 

Pinups in tea cups! 

Photo time!

Me and Karl getting reeady to spin! 

And off we went, with me working the weel!

Karl got a little dizzy from photographing while spinning around ;)

Lovely ladies in matching dresses! 

I also found a matching friend, the lovely Bella! Aren't our tops cool? 

The next post on the program was the jungle cruise, which I had never been on before! Well, I must admit that my expectations weren't the biggest before we got on the boat, but it was actually quite fun. We were laughing a lot, because the guy steering the boat was super fun and cracked jokes all the time. I don't know what that guy was on! 

The next question round followed. I didn't win a t-shirt this time either. But I learned that there used to be girls dressed up as mermaids in the Submarine ride, and that they had to stop it because guys would jump into the water to swim with them. Haha! 

Ok, so here's a random balloon photo for you. I really enjoy a full boquet of balloons, they look so pretty together!

The next post on the program was the Enchanted Tiki Room. We had to wait some time before entering the room, so we got to chat and have fun. Here we have a collection of lovely ladies wearing PUG's Vamp top! PUG's Supreme Overlord Laura Burnes is standing on the left side, wearing the loveliest skirt ever. Next to her is PUG model Natasha Asadore, and on the far right is Ashleeta wearing a green Vamp top. Ashleeta had brought her mother to Disneyland for Mother's day, and they were both really nice ladies. When I came home, I found out that shes' a Burlesque artist and also a model for PUG! Is it just me that's not an actress, dancer, model or designer in this group? Haha! Well I suppose somebody have to do physical therapy too ;) 

Doris and Sleeping Beauty (unfortunately i didn't catch her real name) waiting for the Tiki room. I love their hair! Wish I could do that. 

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room...all the birds sing words and the flowers croon...

Karl and I also met Cheryl, who had come all the way from Texas to spend mother's day in Disneyland with her husband and doughter. She introduced us to her daughter, actress Erin Cummings. They were dressed up in matching red floral Birdie dresses for the day, and looked just wonderful! Erin told us that she'd been to Oslo, and loved it. And of course, being the typical Norwegians that we are, we loved hearing that. I have to check out some of Erin's work. She's been in the TV-series Pan Am among other things. She's also a model for PUG, and the Erin wiggle dress is named after her. It was great chatting with both mother and daughter

The next post on the program was the Disneyland Fireworks. We have annual passes, so naturally we've seen the fireworks a couple of times before. Instead we chose to watch the show "World of Colors" in the California Adventure Park. We got in place and had to wait for almost an hour. 

But waiting is ok when you have soda, popcorn, and great company. ...and Karl's galaxy tab to play Carcasonne on ;) The World of Color eventually started, and it took our breath away! Beautiful show! 

Thanks to all the lovely pinup girls for making this day so spectacular! I really enjoyed meeting fellow PUG fans, and of course Team PUG themselves! And also thanks to my lovely husband Karl for joining me for this day in Disneyland, even though I know he would rather spend the time on other things... I'm really glad i got to do this, because it's only 3 weeks until I move home to Norway, and I know I'll be missing out on a lot, like the Ink-n-Iron tattoo and pinup/burlesque convention on the Queen Mary in long Beach! Sigh...too much coolness. I'll have to come back some time! 

Take Care! 

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06.06.2012 kl.06:09

Looking stunning Helene! :) Endelig fikk ae t aa sje bildan, gaatt inn maaaange ganga sjo. Trur d e som bugge her i Australia, har maatta avslutta min egen blogg og flytta t if ya wanna have a look :) Faar fremdels itj t aa sje bilda fra da du hadd besok av den gale sostra di, men plutselig en dag saa e ae vel heldig. Paa vei hemmatt altsaa? Vil du d? Ser ut som du har hatt d fantastisk ihvertfall! Hils Klyngve (si at ae e skuffa over at han ikke hadd naa pinup-outfit:)) Kraam fra Martus <3

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